Pankaj and Preeti Dance Academy


Largest Disco Dance


Amritsar, Punjab, India


20 August 2017

Largest Disco Dance

The Largest Disco Dance involved 456 participants and was achieved by Pankaj and Preeti Dance Academy, Amritsar in Punjab, India on 20 August 2017. All participants performed a choreographed Disco Dance for the awareness of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. The Academy students along with the women of Amritsar were on a mission to spread the message of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.

Participants, who were all aged between 4 and 60, were dressed in red T-shirts and performed a spectacular performance of Disco Dance. They danced 5 minutes 12 seconds on a mash up of 5 songs. The Attempt took place in Trilim Mall, Amritsar.

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